Customer Service Development

The Power of Customer Service

Customer service is what makes or breaks a company. If it’s done well, it will establish a fantastic reputation that will spread goodwill towards the company by word of mouth.

Done badly, and the results can be catastrophic.

But get it right and your business can not only shine as an example to others, but make a lot more money.

A report states that returning customers are worth an average of 10 times their initial purchase. They also don’t cost as much to retain as new customers cost to acquire.

What is customer service, or more accurately, what does it mean to you?

Customer service is one of those phrases that appear everywhere – Yelp, FourSquare, Google Reviews – and it’s one of the things most often remarked upon by consumers. But what exactly does customer service mean?

The term itself is rather abstract. What may be a deal breaker in how a vendor treats me, may be something you find completely acceptable – maybe even business as usual.

One thing is sure, we all know great customer service when we experience it.

And those who offer great customer service, they become almost superstars in the eyes of many, creating strong business brands and powerful person as that seem to spread their stories far and wide without effort.

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